Mission Statement

Academic Affairs supports KAUST's mission by leading, producing and delivering services to students, alumni, faculty and staff of a global university through:

  • -Recruiting Excellent Students and Faculty
  • -Enriching the Student Experience
  • -Promoting Excellence in Learning, Research and International Collaboration
  • -Empowering Students & Alumni at KAUST and Beyond 

We are Academic Affairs

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Professor James Calvin is Vice President for Academic Affairs at KAUST. For more information visit VP for Academic Affairs.

Enrichment Programs

Each year, KAUST runs exciting enrichment programs in the fall, winter and spring. These one and two-week programs are open to all students, faculty and community members and feature a wide variety of engaging events.

Faculty Affairs

Faculty Affairs manages a variety of administrative functions related to KAUST faculty, including recruitment, appointments, annual performance review, third year review, promotions, policy development and communication, leaves, visiting faculty and scholars and faculty recordkeeping.

Graduate Affairs

Graduate Affairs oversee the academic life of all students. We work with prospective students, current students and alumni to ensure a positive and enriching graduate student experience. We help students from admission to graduation and beyond.

International Programs

KAUST's Visiting Student Research Program (VSRP) is a specialized and targeted opportunity for undergraduate and master's degree students to conduct research with KAUST faculty mentors in select research projects. The length of the program varies from three to six months, and VSRP students receive academic credit upon the successful completion of their projects. VSRP students are fully funded during the program.

  • David Yeh, Director of Initiatives and Student Recruitment: vsrp@kaust.edu.sa
  • +966 (0)12 808 3060


The University Library provides faculty, students and staff access to various types of scientific information, including print and digital journals and books and software, media and data. The Library also provide research assistance and repository services to store publications and data.

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is the custodian of student academic records. The Office manages student registration and the creation and maintenance of student records. It also manages semester scheduling, classroom space, the processing of grades, providing certified documents, the issuance of transcripts and the production of degree diplomas.