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Welcome to Academic Affairs!

Welcome to Academic Affairs!

We are excited to serve as a resource for students, alumni and faculty at KAUST. We invite you to explore the services and opportunities we provide through this website.

Explore Our Opportunities and Services

  • Enrichment Programs

    • Inspiring, Entertaining and Enriching

      Since 2010, the Office of Enrichment has produced numerous exciting enrichment programs in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  These one and two-week programs enrich KAUST students, faculty and community members, as well as invited students and faculty from the Kingdom and guests from around the world. Our speakers include top leaders in the fields of science, business, education and culture.  

      Visit the Enrichment Programs website

  • Faculty Affairs

    • Faculty Affairs manages a variety of administrative functions related to KAUST faculty, including recruitment, appointments, annual performance review, third year review, promotions, policy development and communication, leaves, visiting faculty and scholars and faculty recordkeeping.

      Visit the Faculty Affairs website

  • Registrar

    • The Office of the Registrar manages student registration and the creation and maintenance of student records. The office also manages semester scheduling and classroom space, processes grades, provides certified documents, issues transcripts and produces degree diplomas.

      Visit the Office of the Registrar's website

  • Admissions

    • Operating under the umbrella of Graduate Affairs, the Office of Admissions reviews student applications to KAUST and provides information on admission requirements and student life.

      Visit the Admissions website

  • Development and Services

    • Operating under the umbrella of Graduate Affairs, the Development and Services Office oversees a diverse range of activities and provides resources and information for graduate students at KAUST. Activities and resources include:

      • Assistance with housing and residential life
      • Social, recreational and travel opportunities
      • Services including academic English assistance and counseling and wellness programs
      • Professional development and career counseling
      • KAUST's Graduate Student Council


      Visit the Development and Services website

  • Internships

    • KAUST's Visiting Student Research Program (VSRP) provides an opportunity for undergraduate and master's degree students to conduct research with KAUST faculty mentors in select research projects. The length of the program varies from three to six months. VSRP students receive academic credit upon successful completion of their projects and are fully funded during the program.

      Visit KAUST's Internship page

  • Alumni Affairs

    • Alumni Affairs keeps KAUST alumni connected through alumni events and online networking resources. We recognize the achievements of our alumni and showcase the best traditions of KAUST through a variety of annual events.

      Visit the Alumni Affairs website

  • Library

    • The University Library provides faculty, students and staff access to different types of scientific information, including print and digital journals and books and software, media and data. Library staff also provides research assistance and repository services to store publications and data.

      Visit the Library website

  • Ombuds for Student Matters

    • ​​​​​The Ombuds Office is a confidential service designed to help with student-related problems.  The service is open to all students and those staff who have a student-related issue that they are not sure how to resolve.​

      Ombuds for Student Matters