A Few Profiles of Our Alumni​

Alumni Profiles​​

Julia Spaet

PhD ‘14​ in Marine Science, BESE

Julia says her time at KAUST gave her the freedom to work on the topics that interested her the most

Mayadah AlHashem 

MS ’16​ in ​Mechanical  Engineering, PSE 

When Maya​dah AlHashem graduated from high school, she chose the KAUST Gifted Students scholarship. ​​...​

Rafael Lavrado​

MS '10 in Electrical Engineering, CEMSE

One of the founding students, from Brazil, Rafael graduated from KAUST in 2010 with a MS in Electrical Engineering.

Eric Martin 

MS ’10​ in Environmental Sciences and Engineering, BESE

Meet Eric Martin, a pioneer when it comes to KAUST’s recent and impressive history​...

Aubrie O'Rourke

PhD '15 in Marine Science, BESE

O'Rourke landed an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Award Fellowship with NASA

Alejandra Ortega

MS ’16 in Marine Science, BESE

Alejandra Ortega says her experience of studying at KAUST came as one of the most unexpected chances of her life ...

Sarah Al-Aqeel 

​PhD ‘15 in Chemical and 

Biological Engineering, PSE​

Sarah is currently working as a laboratory scientist for Saudi Aramco​ ... 

Bere​​nice Tellez​

MS ’11 in Environmental Sciences and Engineering, BESE 

Bere is dividing her work into three distinct areas ...


Ahmad Showail 

​PhD ‘ 16, MS, ’10 in Computer Science, CEMSE​

​Ahmad is an assistant professor of Computer Engineering and Head of Technology Incubators at ... 

Muna Khushaim

PhD ’15 in Material Science and Engineering, PSE ​

Dr Muna Khushaim is an Assistant Professor in the Physics Department of Taibah University, Saudi​ ... 

​Dinorath Olvera Ramos

MS ’13 In Chemical and Biological Engineering, PSE 

After graduating from KAUST in 2013 with a MSc in Chemical and Biological Engineering, ... ​

​Jenna Lloyd-Randolfi

MS ’12 in Chemical and Biological Engineering, PSE​

Jenna graduated from KAUST with a MS in 2012 after focusing her studies in Chemical and ... 

​Luisa Javier

​MS '11 ​in Envrionmental Sciences and Engineering, BESE

Entrepreneur Luisa Javier is CEO and Founder of start-up ... ​

​Brian Parrott

MS ‘ 11 in Chemical and Biological Engineering, PSE 

Brian is a Research Scientist with Saudi Aramco, where he's worked since 2012.  He leads a team ... ​​

Mona Alsomali​

PhD '16 in Bioscience, BESE

Mona Alsomali describes herself as an ambitious, energetic and optimistic person and as someone who loves a challenge

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