Chisato Fujii.jpg

Chisato Fujii, MS '15 in Computer Science.


Data Engineer at Metail (UK)


Born in Japan, Chisato is a software engineer at a fashion technology startup in Cambridge. She works on the development of 3-dimensional garment rendering on a customizable body shape unique to the shopper's size.

How would you describe your work/activities at KAUST?

''I studied a Master of Science in Computer Science. My interest was in machine learning and data mining.''

How did KAUST help you in your research - what facilities or people helped you?

''My advisor, the Structural and Functional Bioinformatics Group, and the Computational Bioscience Research Center fully supported me in my research. I am particularly thankful to Prof Xin Gao and Dr Hiroyuki Kuwahara.''

What is your best memory of KAUST?

''Making friends from all over the world and learning about their countries and cultures.''

How would you describe KAUST to someone back home?

''KAUST is unlike any university. It's truly unique in the sense that you get to work with talented people from all over the world and use cutting edge technology.''

What advice do you have for someone considering applying to KAUST?

''One of the most important things to consider when applying for KAUST is knowing what you want to achieve, and have a clear goal of what you want to do next. KAUST has endless opportunities available for people who want to be at the cutting edge of their disciplines.''

What is your planned career path?

''What I enjoy most about my career is working with experts in the dynamic environment of a start-up company.''