Dimitrios Kleftogiannis - PhD '16 in Computer Science, Bioinformatics

Research Scientist (Bioinformatician)

Institute of Cancer Research, UK

With logic in his genes

The word logic come from the Ancient Greek logikḗ (λογική), which is at the heart of computer science, so who better than a Greek to be a Bioinformatics Scientist. Since April 2016, Dimitrios has worked the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) in London - a high-ranked academic institute in the UK.  He graduated with a BSc and MS at the University of Patras in Greece, prior to studying his PhD in Computer Science at KAUST.

Dimitrios really enjoys working at the Institute:

''The Institute is a dynamic and exciting place to work. I am working for one of the world's most influential cancer research organizations.  The Institute's long heritage motivates me a lot. It makes me very enthusiastic and every day I try my best to deliver better results and contribute to new discoveries that might defeat cancer. It is a unique and challenging opportunity. 

KAUST's people have been highly influential on Dimitrios' success.

''It was a privilege to do my doctoral studies at KAUST. Thanks to KAUST's excellent facilities, I developed exceptional computational skills. Of course, I owe a lot to my academic supervisor Professor Panos Kalnis and to my mentor Professor Vladimir Bajic.''

We wanted to know which were his most memorable moments.

''I have many good education memories from KAUST, but two stand out: the day I passed my exams and the day I received the acceptance letter for my highest impact paper. Those two events secured my PhD, my ultimate goal and a lifetime dream.''

In addition, some memories were more social.

''The first time I went to the fish restaurant outside KAUST with friends and colleagues was a completely new experience; I did not expect to have such a nice time. The food and hospitality was amazing and I enjoyed the cozy environment and the smiles of the people around me. After that, visiting the fish restaurant became our typical student night out.

 He continued:

I would say KAUST is a lifetime experience. Do not miss it.''

Dimitrios discussed his life after KAUST again.

''After finishing my PhD, I had many job offers from important universities and research institutes. I accepted the offer from ICR. That was quite an important achievement for me, considering the strong competition with candidates from older and highly known universities.''