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  • ​Meet the Saudi Alumni Chapter Networking Lunch

    • If you are living within KAUST please join us for a light lunch to have an opportunity to meet members of the 2018 Saudi Arabian Alumni Chapter. The lunch is taking place in meeting room 2290 opposite Dia's Cafe at Spine between 12-1:30pm.

  • Submit a proposal for the 2019 WEP Alumni Lecture Series in 2019

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      The Alumni Lecture Series is one of the highlights of WEP, giving you an opportunity to return to KAUST to present on a range of topics including your research, ideas, or career. With Time as its theme, WEP will run from January 13-24. For more information click here.

      The extended deadline for nominations is Sunday April 22, 2018.


    • Auditorium, Lobby, Building 20 from 12-1.30

      The annual Spring Graduation Luncheon acknowledges students eligible to graduate in Spring 2018.  It is an informal event coordinated by Alumni Affairs, and hosted by the VP Academic Affairs.

  • Plan Early and find a good mentor

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      Students, alumni and Alumni Affairs personnel enjoyed first-class and sage advice from our Career Panel at Thursday March 15th. Mohammed Namazi, Hessa AlQuwaiee and Miasser Al Ghamdi all said students should plan early and find a good mentor. When the going gets tough, 'Remember what you have achieved,'' the panel said, ''This will help you when your passion dims.'' Babar Khan and Vasiliki Kodopati were extremely competent moderators, adding even value more to proceedings.
  • 2018 Saudi Arabian Alumni Chapter announced

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      Alumni Affairs is pleased to announce the 2018 Saudi Arabian Alumni Chapter. We congratulate the following alumni, who'll work with Chapter President Noura Shehab throughout the year in engaging the student and alumni community:

      Hussain Shibli – Vice-President, and President-Elect

      Mona Alsomali – Vice-President (Communications)

      Hessa Alquwaiee – Vice-President (Programs)

      Committee members – Kareem Khalil, Vasiliki Kordopati, Lautaro Rayo, Mohammad Shaqura


      "We received 27 outstanding nominations for the Chapter, which made it extremely difficult for the panel to make its selection," Lea Sublett, Manager of Alumni Affairs commented.  "I look forward to working with this year's Chapter to shape our engagement activities for both students and alumni at KAUST, online and throughout the Kingdom," said Lea.

  • Alumni Lecture Series - Counsel, Comedy and Career Advice

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      The Alumni Lecture Series combined counsel, comedy and career advice, offered by speakers from the classes of 2011, 2012 and 2013. Their advice to students: don't be afraid of deviating from your degree, research, discipline, or professional path.  With specialties from his fast-food restaurant in Russia, Sultan Safin told the story of his transition from engineer to fast-food entrepreneur offering sage advice for students.

      Hanan Alshehri spoke about studying at KAUST in pursuit of her passion for mathematics; a passion which led to her career in finance.  Daniel Toth, completing his PhD this spring at EPFL, advised students to consider a career in consulting given the demand for those with the skills, and curiosity, that KAUST nurtures.

      Hussain Shibli, a keen environmentalist, gave us a detailed look at the Kingdom's plans for renewable energy; and Fernando Cagua, an engineer turned biologist, simplified the complexity that one might expect to see in network science.

      If you're interested in speaking in a future alumni career panel or Enrichment Program, contact Alumni Affairs alumni@kaust.edu.sa

  • Commencement 2017 Photos

    • ​The Class of 2017 will be sent a personalized email from Alumni Affairs in January giving access to their official graduation photos. This email will also advise where they can access informal and group photos.

       For further information, contact Alumni Affairs – alumni@kaust.edu.sa

  • Welcome new graduates!

    • ​Welcome to the KAUST alumni community, a network of more than 1,500 alumni across the globe.

      Your membership to this community is automatic, it's free and it opens up a world of opportunities and benefits to help build your career and professional networks, and stay informed and connected.

      Where to from here?​
      Ensure your contact details are correct:
      To keep you connected and up-to-date, we need to know where you are to ensure you hear about opportunities and are invited to events in your region.

      Already graduated? You can login here to check your details are correct or update your contacts.

      Completed your studies but still waiting to graduate? You'll need to wait until after your graduation ceremony to update your contact details through our portal.  You can contact a member of the Alumni Affairs team at any time to assist you alumni@kaust.edu.sa

      Join our online and regional networks:
      Connect with the KAUST Alumni Community on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7067201​ 

      KAUST has alumni chapters in Saudi Arabia and China. For information on how to become involved, contact us alumni@kaust.edu.sa

      Remember, no matter where you go or what you do, KAUST will always be a part of who you are.
  • Join Rapport - the online community for alumni

    • The portal offers graduates, student alumni and KAUST's former postdoctoral fellows, the opportunity to network online, post or find jobs, lead a discussion, start a group, and identify a mentor.

      Login to Rapport at https://alumnirapport.com/ using Facebook or LinkedIn credentials, or you can establish a unique identity. The mobile app called Alumni Rapport can be found in Google and iOS appstores.

      IOS App Store - http://bit.ly/RapportApp Play Store - http://bit.ly/RapportAppGoogle


  • Alumni Volunteering Opportunities

    • There are many ways for you to stay connected to KAUST and pay-it-forward. Volunteering your time, talent and expertise at KAUST and across the globe will cultivate our community of future alumni, as well as keep you connected. Regardless of where you live, you can tap into one or more of our opportunities, or come up with your own ideas!

      Benefits of volunteering:

      • Gained experience
      • New learning opportunities
      • Networking opportunities
      • Potential of reciprocity
      • Enhanced CV.

      The following opportunities are currently available, so register your interest now .

        • Alumni living internationally to speak as ambassadors about KAUST to prospective students.
        • Social media ambassadors to lead career conversation via Rapport
        • Alumni to share their professional stories and to be interviewed for University publications and videos. Send your CV and a good quality photograph.

      Help Alumni Affairs reach 250 alumni stories in 2018 by submitting your bio

      Register your interest

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  • NEW Borderless China Alumni Chapter Launches

    • Ten Ambassadors Appointed

      Alumni Affairs announces the launch of our new-look China Alumni Chapter (CAC). The CAC is an important development for Alumni Affairs, for our goal of creating a global student and alumni community. The CAC is special and unique because it is borderless, using our online community portal, Rapport (www.alumnirapport.com), to connect everyone. 

      Membership of the Chapter is open to all current and former students, graduates and all former postdoctoral fellows from China, living anywhere in the world. Chapter membership and ambassadorial roles can also be held by alumni of any nationality, who either live (or have lived), studied, researched or worked in China. 

      Introducing the CAC Ambassadors 

      Alumni Affairs is grateful to the following alumni for giving their time to the CAC:


      Bingmu Xiao MS ’13

      Bingmu, based in the United Kingdom, is a Senior Geophysicist with French company CGG, where she’s worked since 2014. During her time at CGG, she has worked on a number of projects offshore including in West Africa, the North Sea and Black Sea. After graduating from Jilin University in China in Applied Geophysics in 2011, she completed her MS in Earth Science and Engineering at KAUST. 

      Jacky Ng MS ’11 

      Jacky is a Civil Engineer with the Hong Kong SAR Government, a role he has held for over two years. He completed a BEng at the University of Hong Kong, during which time he spent a year at the University of California and at Harvard University as a visiting student. He graduated from KAUST in 2011 with a MS in Chemical and Biological Engineering, and has a Master of Laws (2015) from Robert Gordon University in Construction Law, Arbitration and Adjudication. 


      Yuhan Chen MS ’14 

      Yuhan, living in Saudi Arabia, is a statistician with Saudi Aramco. She has a BA in Statistics from the University of California, Berkeley, and completed her MS at KAUST in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science. 


      Yu Wang PhD’13 

      Yu is a Professor at Wuhan University of Technology, with research interests in laser diagnostics, pollutant formation, flame dynamics and surrogate fuels. He graduated from KAUST in 2013 with a PhD (Mechanical Engineering). Yu’s research while at KAUST was in the Clean Combustion Research Center.


      Meixia Shi PhD ’16  

      Meixia is a Postdoctoral Researcher in China at Ningbo Watermeter Co, commencing her role in early 2017.  As a PhD student in Environmental Science and Engineering at KAUST, she worked in the Nanostructure Polymeric Membrane Laboratory with supervisor Professor Suzana Nunes. Meixia’s research interests are in Membrane Geometry, Forward Osmosis and Hydrophilic.


      Baoyuan Wu - former KAUST postdoctoral fellow  

      Baoyuan is a Senior Researcher with one of China’s largest internet companies, Tencent, which has WeChat as one of their products!  His research interests are machine learning, computer vision and optimization. While at KAUST, Baoyuan worked in the Image and Video Understanding Lab with Professor Bernard Ghanem.


      Bin Zheng - former KAUST postdoctoral fellow 

      Bin is an Associate Professor at China’s Xi'an University of Science and Technology, with his main research interests the properties and application of low-dimensional nanomaterials.


      Tuoyuan Cheng MS’ 16

      Tuoyuan is currently undertaking his PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering at KAUST. He has a BEng in Water and Wastewater Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology, graduating in 2014.


      Joachim Azzi MS’ 12

      Joachim, from France, is currently a Product Development Engineer at Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA, in Houston.  His interest in China is a result of having worked in Guangzhou, where he was a Product Development Engineer for Total Refining & Chemicals, Polymers Orient, Oil & Energy (from February 2013). Prior to arriving at KAUST, he graduated in Chemistry and Engineering Process from Ecole Supérieure de Chimie Physique Electronique de Lyon. 

      Hao Ma MS’12

      Hao is a PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of British Columbia. Before studying at KAUST with supervisor Professor Sonia Aissa, he graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University during which time he was an exchange student for a year at City University of Hong Kong.

      Alumni can access the CAC on Rapport through the China Alumni Chapter group. After logging in to Rapport you can find groups from the top navigation ribbon. 

      Alumni Rapport