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  • Saudi Arabian Alumni Chapter Start-Up Majlis Pathways to Entrepreneurship - Panel and Networking Dinner

    • Thursday April 4, 2019, 6-9pm
      Level 1, Innovation and Economic Development, Research and Technology Park, KAUST 
      Are you, or do you want to become, a start-up founder; looking for mentors; or ready to embark on your own venture? If you are, then don't miss the second Saudi Arabian Alumni Chapter Start-Up Majlis (in partnership with KAUST's Entrepreneurship Center).

      This exciting networking event is designed so you – our students, postdoctoral fellows and alumni – can expand your knowledge about, and networks in, the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. 

      KAUST empowers its student and alumni community to create, build their own companies, and become leaders in innovation. Through its unique entrepreneurship ecosystem, KAUST students and alumni are encouraged to take advantage of the resources, programs and funding opportunities available through Entrepreneurship Center led activities including programs, mentoring and venture accelerators.

      Presenters include:

      Albara Alauhali (MS '11) – https://www.linkedin.com/in/albara-alauhali-650b4319/

      Ryan Lefers (PhD '17) – https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-lefers-7167b58a/

      Sandra Medina, PhD candidate in Environmental Engineering, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Wayakit, https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandracmedina/

      Salah Chata (MS '11) - https://www.linkedin.com/in/salah-chatah-2156b143/

      Registrations close Wednesday March 27.

      An initiative of the Saudi Arabian Alumni Chapter and Entrepreneurship Center, with Alumni Affairs



    • Thursday April 4, 2019 - 11.45-1.30 - Conference Center, Room 3

      So, you want to be an entrepreneur?

      Have you ever been curious about a career as an entrepreneur?  Do you have an idea for your own product, service or business?  Are you wanting to be your own boss, and inspired to found your own company? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, don't miss Alumni Career Conversations where you'll hear from three alumni who have dared to disrupt their conventional careers, and who have leveraged opportunities at KAUST while still a student to become an entrepreneur.

      Program -

      10.30-11.45 – Alumni Affairs photo-booth available for LinkedIn headshots

      11.45-1pm – panel with alumni - Luisa Javier, MS '11, Kiran Narayanan, PhD '18, and Albara Alauhali, MS '11 - in conversation with fellow start-up founder Babar Khan, PhD '18

      1-1.30pm – networking lunch

      Brought to you by KAUST Alumni Affairs and the Office of Professional Development 

      Alumni Rapport

  • Saudi Arabian Alumni Chapter Welcomes New Committee

    • ​Alumni Affairs has welcomed two new committee members for 2019. Babar Khan, PhD ’18, joins the committee with responsibility for increasing the Chapter’s outreach to current students. He is founder of Waterworks Monitoring, a start-up company at KAUST.  “Babar has been an active student volunteer, and great supporter of alumni events, and we’re delighted to welcome him to the Chapter,” said Lea Sublett, Manager of Alumni Affairs.  

      Former postdoctoral fellow Dr Muhammad Arsalan, with Saudi Aramco, also joins the committee, representing the postdoctoral alumni community in Saudi Arabia. “With Muhammad’s support we look forward to strengthening our relationship with postdoc alumni,” Lea said.

      Noura Shehab, PhD ’14, MS ’10, will lead the Chapter into January 2020, with a mandate to connect the student and alumni community, engage more with alumni in Riyadh and Dhahran, and focus the Chapter’s networking activities in the areas of innovation (including commercialization) and start-ups. “I am very passionate about entrepreneurship and start-ups, and would like the Chapter to strengthen the relationship between KAUST’s alumni entrepreneurs and the Entrepreneur Center to exchange the knowledge and engage our current students,” said Noura, a Research Scientist with RPD Innovations.

      We welcome the following members of the Chapter for 2019:

      Executive -


      Vasiliki Kordopati, MS ‘17
      Mohammad Shaqura, PhD ‘18
      Babar Khan, PhD ‘18
      Muhammad Arsalan (former post-doctoral fellow)

      For information on the Chapter’s events, sign-up to or log into Rapport https://alumnirapport.com/

      Alumni Rapport

  • New leadership for KAUST’s China Alumni Chapter in 2019

    • Alumni Affairs is pleased to announce the new Executive and Committee of the China Alumni Chapter for 2019. The Chapter will be led by Jian Pan, MS’11, Vice-Director, General Manager and Co-founder of Bertzer Catalyst.

      “I feel highly honored to be President of the China Alumni Chapter. The Chapter should not only be a comprehensive connection between our alumni and KAUST, but also a reliable bridge to other organizations in China for our alumni and KAUST,” said Jian.

      “I’m delighted to welcome Jian Pan as President of the Chapter, and look forward to supporting his vision. Jian demonstrated his leadership and organizational skills in November 2018, when he organized KAUST’s first China Alumni Reunion in Hangzhou,” said Lea Sublett, Manager of Alumni Affairs.

      The Chapter has geographical coverage of China.  All alumni in China, including former postdoctoral fellows of KAUST, automatically become members.

       “I offer my congratulations to the 10 volunteer leaders who’ll serve the China Alumni Chapter,” Lea said. 

      Executive -

      Jian Pan, MS ’11, President (2019-2021)
      Felix Lau, PhD ’18, MS ’10, Vice-President (and President-Elect 2021)
      Wang Lei, MS ’11, Vice-President, Communications
      Feng Yan, MS ’10, Vice-President, Programs

      Committee -

      Xiujuan Zhang, PhD ’17
      Junjie Xiong, MS ‘11
      Yangqin Gao, PhD ’15, MS ‘10
      Lixin Li, former postdoctoral fellow
      Sian-Jheng Lin, former postdoctoral fellow
      Yuanlie Yu, former postdoctoral fellow

      For information on the Chapter’s events, sign-up to or log into Rapport.

      Alumni Rapport

  • Founding Class - Share your Memories

    • As a founding year student your memories of KAUST as our earliest students are special, significant and unique. As we approach our 10 year anniversary we'd love to capture your memories for a series of Then and Now projects.

      Tell us your story

  • Welcome New Graduates-class of 2018

    • Welcome to the KAUST alumni community, a network of more than 1,600 alumni across the globe.

      Your membership to this community is automatic, it's free and it opens up a world of opportunities and benefits to help build your career and professional networks, and stay informed and connected.

      Where to from here?​
      Ensure your contact details are correct:
      To keep you connected and up-to-date, we need to know where you are to ensure you hear about opportunities and are invited to events in your region.

      Already graduated? You can login here to check your details are correct or update your contacts.

      Completed your studies but still waiting to graduate? You'll need to wait until after your graduation ceremony to update your contact details through our portal.  You can contact a member of the Alumni Affairs team at any time to assist you alumni@kaust.edu.sa

      Join our online and regional networks:
      Connect with the KAUST Alumni Community on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7067201​ 

      KAUST has alumni chapters in Saudi Arabia and China. For information on how to become involved, contact us alumni@kaust.edu.sa

      Remember, no matter where you go or what you do, KAUST will always be a part of who you are.
  • Join Rapport - the online community for alumni

    • The portal offers graduates, student alumni and KAUST's former postdoctoral fellows, the opportunity to network online, post or find jobs, lead a discussion, start a group, and identify a mentor.

      Login to Rapport at https://alumnirapport.com/ using Facebook or LinkedIn credentials, or you can establish a unique identity. The mobile app called Alumni Rapport can be found in Google and iOS appstores.

      IOS App Store - http://bit.ly/RapportApp Play Store - http://bit.ly/RapportAppGoogle


  • Alumni Volunteering Opportunities

    • There are many ways for you to stay connected to KAUST and pay-it-forward. Volunteering your time, talent and expertise at KAUST and across the globe will cultivate our community of future alumni, as well as keep you connected. Regardless of where you live, you can tap into one or more of our opportunities, or come up with your own ideas!

      Benefits of volunteering:

      • Gained experience
      • New learning opportunities
      • Networking opportunities
      • Potential of reciprocity
      • Enhanced CV.

      The following opportunities are currently available, so register your interest now .

        • Alumni living internationally to speak as ambassadors about KAUST to prospective students.
        • Social media ambassadors to lead career conversation via Rapport
        • Alumni to share their professional stories and to be interviewed for University publications and videos. Send your CV and a good quality photograph.

      Register your interest

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