Welcome to KAUST Alumni

As a KAUST alumnus, you are part of a global community of over 1,500 talented graduates, student alumni and post-doctoral fellows. 

You represent more than 80 countries and have an impressive record of achievement in research and discovery. We value the impact you are making to sci​ence and technology and recognise your global achievement in academic and professional endeavors. 

As a member of the KAUST alumni community you will benefit from an engaged and lifelong network and enjoy privileged access to a wide range of opportunities, resources and events. These include:
  • Membership of KAUST Alumni Chapters – currently active in Saudi Arabia and China.
  • Vol​unteering – give your time as a presenter at KAUST or online as a career panelist, mentor a student, help recruit future students, let us interview you for an alumni story or video testimonial or establish a regional alumni chapter.
For further information, to give the Alumni Affairs team your feedback or update your contact details, contact Lea Sublett, Manager, Alumni Affairs – lea.sublett@kaust.edu.sa or alumni@kaust.edu.sa

Alumni Traditions - Commencement 

In 2010, KAUST celebrated its first comme​ncement​ ceremony. At this historic celebration, graduates receiving their diplomas from the Chemical & Life Sciences and Engineering Division wore blue academic regalia, Mathematical & Computer Sciences and Engineering students wore orange, and the Physical Sciences and Engineering students wore green.  These colors have gone on to become a significant part of KAUST tradition.​​​​​