Welcome to the Office of Faculty Affairs!

Welcome to the Office of Faculty Affairs!

The Office of Faculty Affairs manages a variety of administrative functions related to KAUST faculty, including recruitment and appointments, annual performance reviews, promotions, policy development and communication and faculty recordkeeping. We are pleased to serve as a resource to KAUST faculty, and we invite you to explore our website using the links below.

Faculty Affairs

Useful Links

  • Faculty Handbook

    • Click here to download the 2017-18 Faculty Handbook in PDF format.

  • Promotion Guidelines for Faculty

    • ​Please view the document linked below for resources related to the faculty promotion process, including:

      • Promotion process overview
      • Timeline and expectations
      • Promotion dossier requirements


      Promotion Process

  • Contact Information

    • The Office of Faculty Affairs is located in the Administration Building (building 16), room 3841. Please email any questions to facultyaffairs@kaust.edu.sa.

  • Promotion and Appointments Committee: Internal Site

    • Promotion and Appointments Committee members and authorized administrative staff should visit the Promotion and Appointments site linked below for internal resources related to the Committee.Please note that this site is password-protected.

      Promotion and Appointments Internal Site

  • Key Faculty Policies

    • ​​The Policy Portal is an internal, password-protected resource, available exclusively to current faculty, staff and students.

      The KAUST Policy Portal includes the following pages of particular relevance to faculty: 

      • Academic Policy Page - includes:
        • ​Faculty Travel Request Form
        • S​abbatical Leave Policy
        • Guidelines for Appointment of Distinguished Professors
        • Guidelines for Appointment of Professors of Practice and Research Professors​​
      • Research Policy ​​Page - includes:
        • Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research
        • Core Lab Fee Policy
      • Innovation and Economic Development Policies and Guidelines Page - includes:
        • ​Intellectual Property Policy
        • Innovation Cluster Physical Key Management Policy
        • Policy on Acquiring Equity in Companies
        • Innovation Fund Charter and Procedures
      • Human Resources Policy Page - includes:
        • ​Human Resources Policy Manual
        • Business and Academic Travel Guidelines
        • Procedures for the Appointment of Research Staff
        • Principles for Hiring of Spouses


      Visit the KAUST Policy Portal

  • Annual and Three-Year Review

    • KAUST faculty members participate in an annual review encompassing their research, teaching and service, as well as a broader review every three years. Please visit the link below to access the annual and three-year review system. Note that this link is only active during the review period (typically January to March).

      Annual and Three-Year Review

  • Orientation 2019​

  • Introduction to Active Learning

  • Advanced Techniques for Promoting Active Learning in Science and Engineering Graduate Classrooms