Graduate Affairs

Please click here to read a welcome message from Professor Brian Moran, Dean of Graduate Affairs.

Useful Links

  • Admissions

    • Admissions contributes, with a broad array of stakehloders, to the design of the admissions process and is responsible for its implementation.

      Admissions website

  • Graduate Development and Services

    • The Offices of Development and Services support graduate student success by managing the delivery of various services and resources. The offices work closely with the Graduate Student Council and collaborate with other KAUST offices and departments to enhance graduate students' overall experience at KAUST.

      Development and Services website

  • Graduate Affairs Operations

    • ​The Graduate Affairs Operations team has a broad range of functions and services, designed to deliver the support framework that underpins the Admissions, Graduate Development and Services and Alumni Affairs.

      We welcome you to explore all of the services we have to offer our students. 

      If you would like to visit us, please stop by between 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Sunday through Thursday.

      Graduate Affairs Operations

      Student Operations Hall

      Engineering Science Hall, Building 9, Level 4

      Graduate Affairs Operations